Hey! I'm Tyler 

I develop, host & build small to complex websites.

Hey! I'm Tyler 

I develop, host & build small to complex websites.

About Me

Learn more about me, what I do and the skills I have developed over the past 4+ years

How things started!

To begin with, I started a small mowing business at the age of 13. I always had a passion with working hard and getting things done. Growing up, my family taught me how to grow strength through hard times and to never give up. This made me want to get my hands dirty at such an early age. For several years I have worked many hard laboring jobs, even several at the same time leading to extraordinarily long hour work days.

Leading to here…I went to a school that specialized in entrepreneurship. I got to understand technology and many new skills that I never thought I could ever learn. I built multiple businesses and won a few business competitions in Washington State, winning thousands. I learned to build websites along this journey and fell in an unbreakable passion for it. I started working for a creative digital marketing team called Kinetek.

Having years of experience with elegant wordpress website development, I want to help YOU! Let’s collaborate!

My Skills







Responsive Design



File Management





Here are a few projects I have created in the past. It’s more than just content but motion, UX and getting the message out there!

Baba Spokane

Baba is a restaurant based on comfort food with a Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian influence. The goal was to create a website to showcase Baba’s very diverse menu and delicious food.

Saint George's School

Saint George’s is Spokane’s independent private school, college-preparatory, and International Baccalaureate World School for grades K-12. This website was a very massive and complex build. With up to 90+ pages. Parents and students are guided in the right direction.

Montvale Event Center

Montvale Event Center is full of history and beauty. Of course it needed a pretty website. This is definitely one of my top 5 favorite builds.

Summit Cider

Summit Cider has a blend of delicious fruit and unique brewing techniques that sets them apart from the competition and puts them at the summit of all ciders.


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